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What Is a Framed Image in a Comic Strip Called?

When it comes to comic strips, framing is an essential aspect that helps the reader understand the sequence of events and the flow of the story. And when an image is framed within a comic strip, it is referred to as a panel.

A panel can be defined as a single image that represents a specific moment or action in the story. It can be square, rectangular, or any other shape depending on the requirement of the story.

However, when a panel is surrounded by a border or a frame, it becomes more prominent and stands out from the other panels on the page. This framed image in a comic strip has its own name and is called a “splash panel.”

A splash panel is an eye-catching panel that captures the attention of readers and creates an impact on them. It usually takes up an entire page or most of it and is used to introduce new characters, locations, or significant events in the story.

Splash panels are often used at critical moments in the story where emphasis needs to be given to a particular scene. It can also be used to break up long sequences of smaller panels and provide visual relief to readers.

In terms of structure, splash panels follow similar rules as other panels. They have their own borders or frames that separate them from other panels on the page. However, unlike regular panels, splash panels tend to have more detail and are visually more appealing.

In summary, while all images within a comic strip are referred to as panels, not all panels are splash panels. Splash Panels are those images that stand out due to their framing technique and are used for significant moments in storytelling.

To conclude, understanding these terms like “Splash Panels” helps both readers and creators alike understand how comics work and what makes them visually engaging. And with this knowledge about splash panels under your belt – you’re now one step closer to becoming an expert at reading comics!