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What Is a One Panel Comic Strip Called?

Comic strips are a popular form of entertainment that has been around for decades. They are a combination of storytelling and art, and they come in various formats.

The most common format is the three-panel comic strip, but there are also comic strips that consist of one panel. In this article, we will explore what a one panel comic strip is called and some examples of this format.

What Is a One Panel Comic Strip?

A one panel comic strip is a type of comic strip that consists of only one frame or panel. Unlike traditional comic strips, which have multiple panels to tell a story, one panel comic strips rely on a single image to convey the joke or message. This format is popular because it’s concise and delivers the punchline quickly.

What Is It Called?

The one-panel comic strip goes by many names but is most commonly referred to as a “single-panel cartoon.” It can also be called an “illustrated joke” or “single-frame gag cartoon.” These names all refer to the same format – an image with humorous or satirical content.


One-panel cartoons have been around for hundreds of years, with some notable examples being James Gillray’s political cartoons from the 18th century and Thomas Nast’s illustrations during the Civil War era. Nowadays, you can find single-panel cartoons in newspapers, magazines, online publications, and even social media platforms like Instagram.

Some popular modern-day single-panel cartoonists include:

  • Gary Larson – The creator of “The Far Side,” which ran from 1980-1995.
  • Scott Adams – Creator of “Dilbert,” a comic strip that satirizes office culture.
  • Matt Groening – Creator of “Life in Hell” and “The Simpsons.”


In conclusion, a one panel comic strip is a type of comic strip that consists of only one frame or panel. It’s also known as a “single-panel cartoon,” “illustrated joke,” or “single-frame gag cartoon.” This format delivers humor and satire in a concise and effective way, making it a popular choice for many cartoonists.