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What Is a Size of a Comic Strip?

Comics strips have been a popular form of storytelling for decades. They are essentially a series of illustrations that tell a story in a sequential manner.

The size of a comic strip is an important factor to consider when creating and publishing one. In this article, we will explore the different sizes of comic strips and their significance.

What Is A Comic Strip?

A comic strip is a series of illustrations arranged in a sequence to tell a story or convey information. It usually consists of panels with images and text that are read from left to right. Comic strips can be found in newspapers, magazines, books, and online platforms.

Standard Sizes Of Comic Strips

There are several standard sizes for comic strips, including:

  • Small: 3 x 9 inches
  • Medium: 4 x 12 inches
  • Large: 6 x 18 inches

The small size is commonly used for daily newspaper comic strips while the medium and large sizes are used for syndicated newspaper comics and graphic novels.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Size Of A Comic Strip

When choosing the size of your comic strip, there are several factors to consider. These include:

Target Audience

Consider your Target audience before choosing the size of your comic strip. If you are Targeting children, then a smaller size may be more appropriate as it is easier for them to hold and read.

Publishing Platform

The platform on which you plan to publish your comic strip also plays an important role in determining its size. If you plan to publish it in a newspaper or magazine, then you may need to adhere to their specific size requirements.

Storyline And Content

The storyline and content of your comic strip may also influence the size you choose. If your story is complex and requires more space for illustrations and text, then a larger size may be more appropriate.


In conclusion, the size of a comic strip is an important factor to consider when creating and publishing one. There are several standard sizes available, and choosing the right one depends on various factors such as Target audience, publishing platform, storyline, and content. By considering these factors carefully, you can ensure that your comic strip is visually engaging and effectively conveys your message to your readers.