Batman / Batman Joker

What Is Batman to Joker?

Batman and Joker are two of the most iconic characters in the DC Universe. They have been locked in a battle of good versus evil for decades, with Batman often being seen as the hero and Joker as the villain.

But what is Joker to Batman? To answer that question, we need to delve into their complex relationship.

Origin Story

Batman’s origin story is well-known – Bruce Wayne was a young boy who witnessed his parents’ murder and was inspired to fight crime as an adult. The Joker’s origin story, on the other hand, is much more ambiguous. There have been several different versions of his backstory over the years, but one thing is certain: he is a criminal mastermind who delights in chaos and destruction.

Their Relationship

Batman and Joker have a unique relationship that can be described as a twisted form of co-dependency. They need each other to exist – without Batman, Joker would have no one to challenge him and without Joker, Batman would have no one to fight against.

But their relationship goes deeper than that. There is a sense of mutual respect between them, even though they are on opposite sides of the law. Batman recognizes that Joker is intelligent and cunning, while Joker sees Batman as his ultimate challenge.

Batman’s View

From Batman’s perspective, Joker represents everything he stands against. He sees him as a symbol of chaos and anarchy – someone who has no regard for human life or society’s rules. To Batman, stopping Joker means protecting Gotham City from harm.

But there is also a sense of personal responsibility for Batman. He blames himself for creating villains like Joker by not being able to save them from their own darkness. In many ways, he sees himself as responsible for stopping them before they can cause more harm.

Joker’s View

Joker has a different perspective on their relationship. To him, Batman is his ultimate plaything – someone he can toy with and manipulate for his own amusement. He sees Batman as a symbol of order and control, which he wants to disrupt.

Joker also has a deep understanding of Batman’s psyche. He knows that Batman is driven by a sense of justice and duty, which he can exploit to his advantage. By pushing Batman to his limits, Joker forces him to confront his own inner demons.


In the end, what is Batman to Joker? He is both an adversary and a source of entertainment.

Their relationship is complicated and multifaceted, with each seeing the other in a different light. But one thing is certain – they will always be locked in an eternal battle of good versus evil.

  • Batman: The symbol of order and justice
  • Joker: The agent of chaos and destruction
  • Their Relationship: A twisted form of co-dependency

In conclusion, the relationship between Batman and Joker is one of the most interesting dynamics in comic book history. It represents two opposing forces that are necessary for each other’s existence. As long as Gotham City needs saving, these two will continue to clash in an epic battle that has captivated audiences for decades.