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What Is Jon’s Profession in the Garfield Comic Strip?

If you’ve ever read the Garfield comic strip, you’re probably familiar with the character of Jon Arbuckle. He’s the owner of Garfield, the lazy orange cat who loves to eat and sleep.

But have you ever wondered what Jon’s profession is? Let’s take a closer look.

The Early Days

When Garfield first debuted in newspapers in 1978, Jon’s profession was never explicitly stated. He was simply portrayed as a young man who lived alone with his cat and had a bit of trouble with the ladies. However, over time, Jim Davis (the creator of Garfield) began to flesh out Jon’s character a bit more.

A Cartoonist

In the early 1980s, it was revealed that Jon was a cartoonist. This made sense since he lived alone and often worked from home. As a cartoonist, Jon would spend his days drawing funny pictures for newspapers or magazines.

The Humor

One thing that sets Garfield apart from other comic strips is its use of humor. Jim Davis often incorporates jokes about pop culture or current events into his strips. And since Jon is a cartoonist, he serves as an outlet for this type of humor.

A Vet Tech

In the mid-1990s, Jim Davis decided to shake things up and give Jon a new profession. He became a veterinary technician (or vet tech for short). This meant that instead of drawing cartoons all day, he spent his time caring for animals at the local veterinary clinic.

Garfield’s Influence on Jon’s New Profession

It’s worth noting that this change in profession was likely influenced by Garfield himself. The comic strip had become so popular that Jim Davis wanted to use it as an opportunity to promote animal welfare. By making Jon a vet tech, he was able to raise awareness about the importance of caring for animals.


So there you have it. Over the years, Jon Arbuckle has been portrayed as a cartoonist and a vet tech.

While his profession may have changed, his love for Garfield has remained constant. And who knows, maybe Jim Davis will give him a new job in the future. Until then, we’ll just have to keep reading the comic strip to see what Jon and Garfield are up to next.

If you’re a fan of Garfield or just appreciate good humor, be sure to check out the comic strip online or in your local newspaper. You never know what kind of antics Jon and Garfield will get into next!

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