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What Is Portal Comic Strip?

Have you ever heard of Portal comic strips? If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Portal is a popular video game that was first released in 2007. It is a puzzle-platform game that challenges players to solve increasingly difficult challenges using a device called the “Portal Gun.” The game has gained a large following and has even inspired its own subculture of fan art and fan fiction.

One popular form of fan art that has emerged from the Portal community is the Portal comic strip. These comic strips are created by fans and often feature characters from the game, as well as original characters and storylines.

What Is a Portal Comic Strip?

A Portal comic strip is a type of webcomic that is inspired by the video game Portal. These comic strips often use characters, settings, and themes from the game to tell original stories or parody existing ones. They can be created using traditional drawing methods or digital art software.

One of the defining features of a Portal comic strip is its use of humor. Many of these comics are designed to make readers laugh with clever puns and witty dialogue. Others may be more serious in tone, exploring deeper themes related to the game’s storyline.

Why Are Portal Comic Strips so Popular?

There are many reasons why Portal comic strips have become so popular among fans of the game. For one thing, they allow fans to explore new storylines and scenarios that may not be possible within the confines of the game itself.

Additionally, these comics often provide a more lighthearted take on the game’s darker themes. The science-fiction setting of Portal can be quite bleak at times, but these comics inject some much-needed humor into the mix.

Another reason for their popularity is their accessibility. Anyone with an internet connection can access these comics for free, making them an easy way for fans to connect with one another and share their love for the game.

Examples of Portal Comic Strips

There are many talented artists and writers in the Portal community who have created some truly amazing comic strips. Here are a few examples:

  • “Portal 2: The Noobification of Chell” by Kitty0706 – This comic strip features a humorous take on the game’s protagonist, Chell, as she struggles to navigate the game’s increasingly difficult puzzles.
  • “Escape from Aperture” by J.C. Jones – This comic strip tells an original story set within the world of Portal, featuring a group of characters who must band together to escape from Aperture Science.
  • “Eggman’s Portal Problem” by SonicVerseTeam – This comic strip is a crossover between Portal and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, featuring Sonic’s arch-nemesis Dr. Eggman as he tries to use a portal gun to take over the world.


Portal comic strips are a fun and engaging way for fans of the video game to explore new storylines and scenarios within its rich science-fiction setting. With their clever humor and accessibility, these comics have become a beloved part of the Portal fan community. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering this subculture for the first time, there’s sure to be a Portal comic strip out there that will make you laugh or think.