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What Is the First Flash Comic Book?

The world of comics has been around for many decades, but one comic that stands out as a pioneer is the Flash. The Flash is a superhero who possesses superhuman speed and the ability to move at incredible velocities. But do you know what the first Flash comic book was?

The first-ever Flash comic book was published in 1940 by DC Comics. The comic book was titled “Flash Comics #1” and it featured the character Jay Garrick as the Flash. It was written by Gardner Fox and illustrated by Harry Lampert.

The Origin Story of the First Flash Comic

The first issue of “Flash Comics” introduced readers to Jay Garrick, a college student who accidentally inhales hard water vapors while working on an experiment in his lab. The hard water vapors give Jay superhuman speed, which he uses to become the superhero known as the Flash.

Throughout the issue, we see Jay Garrick use his powers to stop criminals and save innocent lives. The issue also introduces readers to other characters, such as Joan Williams, who becomes Jay’s love interest.

Impact of the First Flash Comic Book

“Flash Comics #1” was a massive success and helped pave the way for future superhero comics. It introduced readers to a new kind of hero—one that possessed extraordinary abilities and used them to fight crime and protect citizens.

The character of Jay Garrick would continue to appear in “Flash Comics” until issue #104, after which he disappeared for several years before being reintroduced in 1961 as part of DC’s Silver Age reboot.

The success of “Flash Comics #1” also led to spin-off comics such as “All-Flash Quarterly,” which focused solely on Jay Garrick’s adventures as the Flash.

  • Fun Fact: The term “hard water” used in Jay Garrick’s origin story referred to water that contained minerals, which was believed to have health benefits.
  • Fun Fact: The Flash’s famous costume, which features a lightning bolt on the chest and a winged helmet, was designed by Harry Lampert, the Illustrator of “Flash Comics #1.”


“Flash Comics #1” introduced readers to one of the most iconic superheroes in comic book history. Jay Garrick’s origin story and adventures as the Flash paved the way for future superhero comics and helped shape the genre into what it is today.

The first Flash comic book is not only a significant milestone in the history of comics but also a testament to the enduring popularity of superheroes and their impact on popular culture.