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What Is the Most Read Comic Strip?

Comic strips have been a popular form of entertainment for decades. They are often found in newspapers, magazines, and online publications.

But have you ever wondered what the most read comic strip is? In this article, we will explore the world of comic strips and reveal the answer to this question.

What are comic strips?

Comic strips are a form of sequential art that tells a story through a series of images and captions. They can be humorous, dramatic, or informative. Comic strips generally feature recurring characters and storylines that develop over time.

The history of comic strips

Comic strips have been around for over a century. The first known comic strip was “The Yellow Kid,” which was published in the New York World newspaper in 1895. Other popular early comic strips included “Little Nemo in Slumberland,” “Krazy Kat,” and “Peanuts.”

The most read comic strip

So what is the most read comic strip? According to recent surveys, it is “Garfield.”

Created by Jim Davis in 1978, Garfield features a lazy orange cat who loves lasagna and hates Mondays. The strip has been syndicated in over 2,500 newspapers worldwide and has spawned numerous books, television shows, and merchandise.

Other popular comic strips

While Garfield may be the most read comic strip overall, there are many other beloved comics that have large followings. Some other popular comics include:

  • Peanuts – created by Charles M. Schulz
  • Calvin and Hobbes – created by Bill Watterson
  • Doonesbury – created by Garry Trudeau
  • Dilbert – created by Scott Adams
  • For Better or For Worse – created by Lynn Johnston


Comic strips have been a beloved form of entertainment for generations. While there are many great comics out there, “Garfield” is currently the most read comic strip in the world. Whether you prefer funny, informative, or dramatic comics, there is sure to be a comic strip that you will enjoy.