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What Is the Name of a Comic Strip Viking?

If you’re a fan of comic strips, you may have come across a Viking character at some point. Vikings are popular in pop culture due to their intriguing lifestyle and unique appearance. However, have you ever wondered what the name of a comic strip Viking is?

Well, the answer is not as simple as you may think. There are several comic strip Vikings out there, each with their unique and catchy names. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Hagar the Horrible

One of the most well-known comic strip Vikings is Hagar the Horrible. Created by Dik Browne in 1973, this comic strip follows the life of Hagar, a Viking warrior who lives in a medieval village with his wife Helga and two children. The comic strip is known for its humorous take on Viking life and has been entertaining readers for over 40 years.

Thorkel and Rolf

Another popular Viking duo is Thorkel and Rolf. Created by Peter Madsen and Henning Kure, Thorkel and Rolf are two Vikings who embark on various adventures throughout their travels. The comic strip was first published in Denmark in 1978 and has since gained popularity worldwide.

Erik the Red

Erik the Red is another famous Viking character from a comic strip created by Jarl Hemmer. Erik is based on a real-life Viking explorer who discovered Greenland in the early 10th century. The comic strip follows Erik’s adventures as he navigates through unchartered territories.

Olaf Grossebaf

Olaf Grossebaf is another hilarious Viking character from a French-Belgian comic book series created by Jacques Devos and Marcel Remacle. Olaf is known for his massive size and strength but also his clumsiness, which often results in comical mishaps.


Finally, Viking is a comic strip series created by Belgian cartoonist Jean-Yves Mitton. The series follows the life of Harald Hardrada, a famous Viking king who ruled Norway during the 11th century. The comic strip is known for its historical accuracy and detailed illustrations.

In conclusion, there are several comic strip Vikings out there with unique names and personalities. Whether you prefer the humor of Hagar the Horrible or the historical accuracy of Viking, there is a Viking character for everyone to enjoy.