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What Is the Name of Keanu Reeves Comic Book?

Keanu Reeves has been a popular name in Hollywood for decades, and the actor has now made his way into the world of comic books. Reeves has co-created a new comic book series called BRZRKR, which he co-wrote with Matt Kindt and illustrated by Ron Garney.

The series is published by Boom! Studios and has already gained a lot of attention from fans all over the world.

The Storyline of BRZRKR

BRZRKR follows the story of a mysterious character named B, who is half-mortal and half-god. B has been alive for centuries and has been known to offer his services as a warrior to various governments throughout history, always fighting in their wars. But B is now seeking answers to his own existence, hoping to find some peace in his long life.

The Inspiration Behind BRZRKR

Reeves’ inspiration for creating this character comes from his own personal experiences as an actor. He believes that actors often have to push their bodies to the limit while performing stunts or action scenes.

In an interview with USA Today, Reeves said that “I’m excited about writing this character and exploring who he is.” He also revealed that he would love to play this character in a movie or TV show adaptation someday.

The Reception of BRZRKR

BRZRKR has received positive reviews from both fans and critics alike. The first issue sold out within hours of its release, indicating just how much interest there is in this new comic book series. Fans are eagerly waiting for more issues to be released so they can continue following B’s journey.

  • Comic Book Resources gave it a 4-star rating
  • Screen Rant called it “an exciting debut”
  • IGN praised its “incredible action” sequences

In Conclusion

Keanu Reeves has once again proven his versatility as an artist by co-creating this exciting new comic book series. BRZRKR offers a unique storyline with action-packed sequences that will leave readers wanting more. If you’re a fan of Reeves or just love reading comic books, then BRZRKR is definitely worth checking out.