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What Is the Narration of a Comic Strip?

When it comes to comic strips, one of the most important elements is narration. The narration serves as the voiceover in a comic strip and helps to guide the reader through the story. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what narration is and how it’s used in comic strips.

What Is Narration?

Narration is the spoken or written commentary that accompanies a visual work of art, such as a comic strip. It can be used to provide context, describe action or setting, or convey information about a character’s thoughts or feelings.

In comics, narration usually takes the form of text boxes that are placed on top of the images. These text boxes are typically rectangular in shape and contain written words that help to tell the story.

The Different Types of Narration

There are two main types of narration that are commonly used in comic strips: first-person and third-person.

First-person narration is when a character within the story is telling their own story. This type of narration is often used when a character’s thoughts or feelings are important to the story.

Third-person narration, on the other hand, is when an outside narrator tells the story. This type of narration is often used when there are multiple characters or events happening simultaneously within the story.

How Narration Is Used in Comics

Narration plays an important role in setting the tone and atmosphere of a comic strip. It can also be used to convey information that might not be immediately apparent from just looking at the images.

For example, if there’s a scene where two characters are having a conversation but their facial expressions don’t give away their true feelings, narration can be used to express what they’re really thinking or feeling.

Narration can also be used to provide backstory or context for events that have already happened within the story. This can help readers understand why characters are behaving a certain way or why certain events are unfolding.

The Importance of Narration in Comics

Narration is an essential part of the comic strip medium. It helps to provide structure and context for the images, and can be used to convey important information that might not be immediately apparent from just looking at the pictures.

Good narration can also make a comic strip more engaging and enjoyable to read. By providing insight into the characters’ thoughts and feelings, it can help readers connect with them on a deeper level.


In conclusion, narration is an integral part of comic strips. It helps to guide readers through the story, provide context, and convey important information about the characters and events within the story. By understanding how narration works in comics, you’ll have a better appreciation for this unique art form.