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What Is the Number One Comic Strip?

Comic strips have been a popular form of entertainment for decades, bringing joy and laughter to readers of all ages. But have you ever wondered what the number one comic strip is? We did some research, and here is what we found.

What Is a Comic Strip?

First things first, let’s define what a comic strip is. A comic strip is a series of illustrations or panels that tell a story through pictures and dialogue. They are usually published in newspapers or magazines, but can also be found online.

The History of Comic Strips

Comic strips have been around for over a century. The first known comic strip was called “The Yellow Kid,” which was created by Richard F. Outcault in 1895. It was printed in color and was hugely popular at the time.

Over the years, many other famous comic strips were created, such as “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schulz, “Garfield” by Jim Davis, and “Calvin and Hobbes” by Bill Watterson.

The Number One Comic Strip

So, what is the number one comic strip? According to Guinness World Records, the honor goes to “Ganbare! Kamen Rider,” a Japanese manga series written by Shotaro Ishinomori.

The series first appeared in Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine in 1971 and ran until 1976. It follows the adventures of Kamen Rider V3, a superhero who fights against evil organizations trying to take over the world.

Why Is It So Popular?

There are several reasons why “Ganbare! Kamen Rider” is so popular. For one, it has a strong fan base in Japan that has kept the series alive through spin-off manga and anime adaptations.

Additionally, the series has had a significant impact on Japanese pop culture. Kamen Rider V3 has become an iconic character, with merchandise and toys still being produced today.


While there have been many famous comic strips over the years, according to Guinness World Records, “Ganbare! Kamen Rider” is the number one comic strip. Its popularity in Japan and impact on pop culture have made it a beloved series for fans of all ages.