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What Is the Rarest Comic Book Ever?

Have you ever wondered what the rarest comic book in the world is? There are countless comic books out there, but only a select few have achieved legendary status due to their rarity and historical significance. In this article, we will take a closer look at the rarest comic book ever and explore why it is so sought after by collectors.

The Holy Grail of Comics

The rarest comic book ever is widely considered to be Action Comics #1, which was first published in June 1938. This comic book is significant because it introduced the world to Superman, one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

The cover features Superman lifting a car above his head while bystanders look on in amazement. The issue also includes several other stories featuring different characters.

So why is Action Comics #1 considered to be the holy grail of comics? For starters, it is incredibly rare.

While millions of copies of some comics were printed, only about 100 copies of Action Comics #1 are thought to exist today. This scarcity has driven up demand and made it one of the most valuable comic books in history.

The Value of Action Comics #1

In 2014, a pristine copy of Action Comics #1 sold for a record-breaking $3.2 million at auction. This shattered the previous record for a comic book sale, which was set at $2.16 million for another copy of Action Comics #1 just three years prior.

But why is this comic book worth so much money? Part of it has to do with its rarity, but another factor is its historical significance.

Superman was not only an instant hit with readers but also paved the way for countless other superheroes that followed. Without Superman, we may not have Batman, Spider-Man, or any number of other beloved heroes that we know and love today.

The Hunt for Action Comics #1

While only a handful of copies of Action Comics #1 are known to exist, there have been some incredible finds over the years. In 2010, a couple found a copy of the comic book in the insulation of their home while renovating. The issue was in surprisingly good condition and ended up selling for over $1 million.

In 2011, another copy was discovered in a Minnesota man’s attic. This particular copy had been used as insulation and was badly damaged, but it still sold for over $175,000.

These discoveries only add to the allure of Action Comics #1 and make collectors even more eager to get their hands on a copy.


In conclusion, Action Comics #1 is widely considered to be the rarest comic book ever. Its historical significance and extreme rarity have driven up demand and made it one of the most valuable comic books in history. While only a select few will ever have the opportunity to own a copy, its importance in the world of comics is undeniable.