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What Is the Second Biggest Comic-Con?

San Diego Comic-Con is widely regarded as the biggest comic convention in the world, but what is the second biggest comic-con? Many people might think of New York Comic Con or even a convention in a different country like Japan’s Comiket, but in reality, the title goes to another American convention: Dragon Con.

What is Dragon Con?

Dragon Con is an annual multi-genre convention that takes place every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was first held in 1987 and has since grown into one of the largest fan conventions in North America.


In 2019, Dragon Con drew an estimated 85,000 attendees over four days. This is a significant increase compared to the first year’s attendance of about 1,200 people. The number has been steadily rising over the years as more people discover the unique experience that Dragon Con offers.


Like San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon Con features a diverse range of programming tracks catering to various fandoms and interests. From science fiction and fantasy to gaming and cosplay, there’s something for everyone at this convention. Attendees can attend panels and workshops on topics ranging from writing and illustration to costuming and special effects makeup.


Speaking of cosplay, Dragon Con has become famous for its impressive cosplay scene. The convention features multiple costume contests including one dedicated solely to Star Wars costumes. Attendees can also participate in themed photo shoots or simply wander around admiring the creativity on display.


Of course, no comic-con would be complete without vendors selling everything from rare comics to handmade crafts. Dragon Con has an extensive dealer’s room where attendees can browse merchandise from various fandoms.


While San Diego Comic-Con may be the biggest event of its kind, Dragon Con is a close second with a unique atmosphere and programming that sets it apart from other conventions. If you’re a fan of any geeky hobby, Dragon Con is definitely worth checking out.