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What Led Zeppelin Songs Are in Marvel Movies?

If you’re a Marvel movie fan and a classic rock enthusiast, you may have noticed some recognizable tunes in your favorite superhero flicks. One band that has made multiple appearances in the Marvel cinematic universe is none other than Led Zeppelin. Let’s take a look at which Led Zeppelin songs have made their way onto the big screen.

Immigrant Song

One of the most iconic Led Zeppelin songs, “Immigrant Song,” appeared in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. The song plays during an epic battle scene between Thor and Hela’s minions as they make their way through Asgard. The use of “Immigrant Song” perfectly captures the intensity and excitement of the scene.

Good Times Bad Times

In 2019’s Captain Marvel, we hear “Good Times Bad Times” during a pivotal moment in the movie. The song plays as Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) is having flashbacks to her past experiences as a human on Earth. The use of this classic rock track adds an extra layer of nostalgia to an already emotional scene.

Ramblin’ On

During a high-stakes car chase in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, we hear “Ramblin’ On” by Led Zeppelin playing in the background. The song fits perfectly with Peter Parker’s adventurous spirit and adds an extra level of excitement to the action-packed scene.

Celebration Day

While not technically part of the Marvel cinematic universe, 2008’s The Incredible Hulk features “Celebration Day” during its end credits sequence. This classic rock track adds an upbeat vibe to the end of the movie and serves as a fun nod to Led Zeppelin fans.

The Immigrant Song (Again! )

Yes, “Immigrant Song” makes another appearance in the Marvel cinematic universe.

This time, it appears in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame during a pivotal battle sequence. The use of the song adds an extra level of intensity and excitement to an already epic scene.


There you have it – all the Led Zeppelin songs that have made their way into Marvel movies. It’s clear that the filmmakers behind these movies have a deep appreciation for classic rock and understand how to use music to enhance their storytelling. Whether you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin or not, these songs add an extra layer of nostalgia and excitement to some of our favorite superhero films.