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What Marvel Movies Did Disney Cancel?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a behemoth at the box office, with numerous movies and TV shows under its belt. However, not every project that was announced made it to the big screen. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the Marvel movies that Disney cancelled.

The Fantastic Four Reboot (2015)

One of the earliest Marvel movies that Disney cancelled was the Fantastic Four reboot in 2015. Despite having a talented cast, including Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, the movie received negative reviews from critics and fans alike. The film’s poor performance at the box office ultimately led to its cancellation.

The New Mutants (2020)

The New Mutants was initially planned to be released in 2018 but faced multiple delays due to reshoots and studio interference. The film eventually got released in August 2020 but received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Its poor reception may have contributed to Disney’s decision not to continue with any planned sequels.

Gambit (TBA)

Gambit was set to star Channing Tatum as the titular character and had been in development for years. However, after multiple delays and creative differences between Tatum and director Rupert Wyatt, the movie was taken off Disney’s release schedule in 2019.

Inhumans (2017)

Inhumans was originally planned as a movie but eventually became a TV show that premiered on ABC in 2017. The show featured Marvel characters with superhuman abilities who reside on the moon and face threats from both within their own community and outside forces. However, despite having a unique premise, Inhumans received negative reviews from critics and audiences alike, leading to its cancellation after only one season.


While there have been many successful Marvel movies, not all projects have been able to make it to the big screen. Whether due to poor reception or behind-the-scenes issues, these cancelled movies serve as a reminder that even the biggest franchises can face setbacks.