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What Marvel Movies Did Jon Favreau Direct?

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you’re probably familiar with Jon Favreau. This talented filmmaker has been involved in several Marvel movies over the years, both as a director and an actor. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the Marvel movies that Jon Favreau has directed.

Iron Man

One of the most iconic Marvel movies of all time is “Iron Man,” and it just so happens that Jon Favreau directed it. This 2008 film was the first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and set the stage for all the movies that followed. In “Iron Man,” Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, a billionaire inventor who creates a high-tech suit to fight crime.

Iron Man 2

After the success of “Iron Man,” it was only natural that a sequel would follow. Once again, Jon Favreau took on directing duties for “Iron Man 2.” This film sees Tony Stark facing off against Whiplash (played by Mickey Rourke) while also dealing with personal demons.

The Avengers

In 2012, Marvel brought together some of its biggest superheroes for “The Avengers.” This epic team-up movie was directed by Joss Whedon, but Jon Favreau played an important role as well. He reprised his role as Happy Hogan, Tony Stark’s bodyguard and friend.

Cowboys & Aliens

While not strictly a Marvel movie, “Cowboys & Aliens” is based on a comic book series published by Platinum Studios Comics – which was co-founded by Scott Rosenberg who also co-created Men in Black – so it’s worth mentioning here. The film stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford as cowboys who team up to fight aliens invading their town. It was directed by Jon Favreau and released in 2011.


These are just a few of the Marvel movies that Jon Favreau has directed. His contributions to the franchise cannot be overstated, as he helped to establish the tone and style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether you’re a fan of Iron Man, The Avengers, or Cowboys & Aliens, there’s no denying that Jon Favreau is a talented filmmaker with a keen eye for action and drama.