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What Painting Does the Joker Save in Batman?

The Joker is one of the most iconic villains in comic book history, known for his unpredictable nature and twisted sense of humor. In the Batman storyline, there is a particular painting that the Joker saves during a heist. This painting holds significant meaning and plays an important role in the character’s development.

The Painting

The painting in question is called “The Laughing Fish.” It was created by artist Paul Lenzi and features an image of a fish with a human-like grin on its face. The painting is known for its use of bright colors and bold brushstrokes, which give it a sense of movement and energy.

The Heist

In the Batman storyline, the Joker and his henchmen break into the Gotham City Aquarium to steal “The Laughing Fish.” The painting had been on display as part of an art exhibit at the aquarium, making it an easy Target for the Joker.

During the heist, Batman arrives on the scene to stop the Joker. The two engage in a violent confrontation, which ends with Batman knocking out the Joker and retrieving “The Laughing Fish.”

The Significance

“The Laughing Fish” holds great significance for the Joker because it represents his own twisted view of reality. The smiling fish is a symbol of his belief that life is meaningless and that people are only capable of finding joy in chaos and destruction.

By saving “The Laughing Fish,” the Joker shows that he values this view of reality above all else. It also serves as a reminder of his own mortality and vulnerability, as he risks everything to obtain something that he believes represents himself.


In conclusion, “The Laughing Fish” is an important piece of art within the Batman storyline because it serves as a symbol for one of its most iconic villains. Through this painting, we gain insight into the Joker’s twisted worldview and his obsession with chaos and destruction. It is a reminder that even in a world of superheroes and villains, art can still hold great power and significance.