Batman / Batman Joker

What Show Batman Kills Joker?

Are you a fan of Batman and Joker? Have you ever wondered which show Batman kills Joker in?

Well, you’re in the right place. We’ll explore the different adaptations of Batman and Joker’s storylines to find out when and where this happens.

Batman: The Killing Joke

One of the most iconic comic books featuring Batman and Joker is “Batman: The Killing Joke.” This graphic novel, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland, was published in 1988.

In this story, Joker attempts to prove that anyone can go insane after just one bad day. He shoots Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl), paralyzing her from the waist down, and kidnaps Commissioner Gordon to drive him insane.

Batman eventually saves Commissioner Gordon and confronts Joker in an abandoned carnival. They have a heated conversation about their intertwined past, leading to a physical altercation. In the end, it’s left ambiguous whether or not Batman kills Joker.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

In this animated movie released in 2000, set in a future where Bruce Wayne is retired as Batman and has passed on the mantle to a teenager named Terry McGinnis. The movie features flashbacks to when the original Batman faced off against Joker for one final time.

In this version of events, it’s revealed that Joker kidnapped Robin (aka Tim Drake) and brainwashed him into becoming his protege. Robin then turned on Batman, causing a fight that resulted in Robin’s death. Enraged by Robin’s death, Batman tracks down Joker who has been hiding for decades after faking his own death.

During their final confrontation, it’s implied that Batman killed Joker with an electric shock after discovering that he had kidnapped Tim Drake and brainwashed him into becoming his protege.

The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” storyline, published in 1986, portrays an older Batman who comes out of retirement to fight crime once again. In this story, Joker has been catatonic for years and only wakes up when he hears that Batman has returned.

Joker goes on a killing spree, Targeting people with the last name “Wayne” until he finally confronts Batman in a tunnel. During their fight, Batman breaks Joker’s neck and leaves him for dead.


So which show does Batman kill Joker in? The answer is that it depends on your interpretation of the different adaptations.

In “The Killing Joke,” it’s left ambiguous whether or not Batman kills Joker. In “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker,” it’s implied that he did kill him. And in “The Dark Knight Returns,” it’s explicit that he killed him.

Regardless of which version you prefer, one thing is certain: the dynamic between Batman and Joker will continue to fascinate audiences for years to come.