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What Was the First Peanuts Comic Strip?

The first Peanuts comic strip was published on October 2, 1950, in seven newspapers across the United States. Created by Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts became one of the most popular and influential comic strips in history.

The Beginning of Peanuts

Schulz came up with the idea for Peanuts while working as a cartoonist for a Minnesota-based newspaper called the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He had previously created a cartoon series called Li’l Folks, which featured some of the same characters that would later appear in Peanuts.

However, it wasn’t until Schulz pitched his new comic strip idea to United Feature Syndicate that Peanuts truly began to take shape. The name “Peanuts” was actually suggested by the syndicate and Schulz initially didn’t like it. But it eventually grew on him and became one of the most recognizable names in comic strip history.

The Characters

One of the things that made Peanuts so unique was its cast of characters. At its core were Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Lucy van Pelt.

Charlie Brown was the main character and served as a sort of everyman figure. He was often plagued by feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, but he always tried to do his best despite his shortcomings.

Snoopy was Charlie Brown’s pet dog who quickly became a fan favorite due to his playful antics and vivid imagination. Snoopy often imagined himself as different characters such as a World War I flying ace or Joe Cool.

Lucy van Pelt was Charlie Brown’s bossy friend who had a talent for giving advice (whether people wanted it or not). She also had a crush on Schroeder, who played Beethoven on his toy piano.

The Legacy

Peanuts ran for nearly 50 years until Schulz’s death in 2000. During that time, it spawned numerous television specials, movies, merchandise, and even a theme park.

The strip’s influence can still be felt today in popular culture. Many of its catchphrases (like “Good grief!”

and “Happiness is a warm puppy”) have become part of the American lexicon. And its characters continue to be beloved by people of all ages.


The first Peanuts comic strip may have been just four panels long, but it launched an enduring cultural phenomenon that has touched the hearts of millions. With its relatable characters and timeless themes, Peanuts will always hold a special place in the world of comics and entertainment.