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What Was the Joker’s Gas Called in the 1989 Batman Movie?

The 1989 Batman movie is considered a classic among superhero films, and one of the most memorable aspects of the film was the villainous Joker’s gas. The gas was a key plot device, used to turn innocent citizens into maniacal laughing lunatics. But what was the Joker’s gas actually called?

According to the movie’s credits and script, the gas was simply referred to as “Smilex.” This name is fitting, as Smilex turns its victims’ faces into twisted grins that are impossible to remove. However, there is more to this deadly substance than just its name.

In the movie’s plot, Smilex is created by Jack Napier, portrayed by Jack Nicholson. Napier is a gangster who falls into a vat of chemicals while attempting to escape Batman. The accident disfigures his face and drives him insane, leading him to become the Joker.

After becoming the Joker, Napier creates Smilex as part of his plot to take over Gotham City. He plans to release it during a parade and turn everyone in attendance into laughing zombies under his control.

Interestingly, Smilex has made appearances in other Batman media outside of the 1989 film. In various comic book storylines and video games, Smilex has been used by different versions of the Joker for similar purposes.

But how does Smilex actually work? Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t delve too deeply into the science behind it. However, it can be assumed that Smilex is some form of nerve gas that affects its victims’ brains and motor functions.

In conclusion, while the 1989 Batman movie may not have given us much information about how Smilex works or where it came from beyond Jack Napier’s creation, we do know that it was an incredibly effective tool for causing chaos and destruction in Gotham City. The name “Smilex” may seem innocuous at first glance, but it serves as a chilling reminder of the Joker’s twisted sense of humor and the deadly consequences of his actions.