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What Was the Last Garfield Comic Strip?

Garfield, the famous orange cat, has been a beloved character in the comic strip world for over 40 years. Created by Jim Davis in 1978, Garfield has been featured in countless comic strips, books, and even a few movies. However, all good things must come to an end and after a long run, the final Garfield comic strip was released on Sunday, June 13th, 2021.

The Final Garfield Comic Strip

The last Garfield comic strip is both nostalgic and heartwarming. In the strip, Garfield reflects on his life with his owner Jon Arbuckle and his fellow pet Odie. The comic strip begins with Garfield sitting on a windowsill watching the sunrise.

Garfield: “I’m going to miss this place.”

As he walks through his home one last time, he reminisces about all the memories he’s made over the years. He visits Jon’s room where he sees old photos of himself as a kitten.

Garfield: “I remember that guy..he was hilarious.”

Then he moves on to Odie’s room where he finds an old chew toy.

Garfield: “I think I’ll leave this here for Odie.”

Finally, Garfield makes his way outside to enjoy one last lasagna feast with his friends before saying goodbye.

The Impact of Garfield

Garfield has had a massive impact on popular culture since its creation in 1978. The character has become so popular that it’s hard to imagine a world without him. From merchandise to TV shows to movies, Garfield has transcended just being a comic strip character.

  • In 1982, Garfield became the star of an animated television show called “Garfield and Friends.”
  • In 2004, Garfield starred in his first live-action movie titled “Garfield: The Movie.”
  • Garfield has also been featured in video games, music, and countless other forms of media.

The Legacy of Garfield

While the final Garfield comic strip may mark the end of an era, the character’s legacy will continue to live on. Garfield has made an impact on both children and adults alike for over 40 years. His relatable personality and humorous antics have made him a beloved character around the world.

Garfield: “It’s been a good ride.”

In conclusion, the final Garfield comic strip was a touching tribute to a beloved character that has been entertaining us for over four decades. While it may be sad to say goodbye, we can take comfort in knowing that Garfield’s legacy will continue to bring joy and laughter for years to come.