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What Were the First Beings in the Marvel Universe?

When it comes to the Marvel universe, there are a lot of different characters and beings that have been introduced over the years. From superheroes and villains to aliens and gods, there is no shortage of interesting creatures to explore.

But have you ever wondered about the very first beings in the Marvel universe? Who or what came before all of the other characters we know and love? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the origins of the Marvel universe.

The Beginnings of Creation

According to Marvel lore, the universe began with a cosmic entity known as The One Above All. This being is said to be omnipotent and omniscient, existing outside of time and space itself.

The One Above All created two cosmic beings: Infinity and Eternity. These two entities were tasked with creating the rest of the universe.

Infinity and Eternity

Infinity was given control over all physical matter in the universe. This included stars, planets, galaxies, and everything in between. Eternity was given control over time itself, ensuring that everything in the universe existed in a constant state of flux.

Together, Infinity and Eternity worked to create everything we know in the Marvel universe. They created countless planets filled with life forms both familiar and alien. They also created various dimensions beyond our own reality.

The Celestials

As time went on, new beings began to emerge in the Marvel universe. One such group was known as The Celestials. These god-like beings were incredibly powerful and were responsible for many of the major events that shaped the Marvel universe.

The Celestials were responsible for creating many of the races that populate different planets throughout the galaxy. They also played a key role in bringing about certain events such as The Mutant X gene which led to mutants like Wolverine and Cyclops being born.

The First Humans

While The Celestials were busy creating life throughout the universe, a group of beings known as The Watchers were tasked with observing and recording everything that happened. It was during this time that the first humans in the Marvel universe appeared.

The first humans were primitive and lacked the advanced technology and abilities of many of the other races in the galaxy. However, they eventually evolved over time and became a dominant species on Earth.


The Marvel universe is full of interesting characters and beings, but it all began with The One Above All creating Infinity and Eternity. From there, countless other entities emerged, including The Celestials who played a key role in shaping much of the universe. And while humans may not have been the first beings to appear, they eventually became an integral part of the Marvel universe as well.