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What’s Another Word for Comic Strip?

A comic strip is a form of sequential art that uses images and text to tell a story. It’s a popular medium for storytelling, with many writers and artists using it to convey their ideas and entertain their audience.

But what if you want to refer to a comic strip by another name? What’s another word for comic strip? Let’s explore some options.

Cartoon Strip

One common alternative to the term “comic strip” is “cartoon strip.” This term emphasizes the visual aspect of the medium, highlighting the use of cartoonish characters and illustrations. The term “cartoon” can also refer more broadly to any humorous or satirical drawing, so “cartoon strip” can be a useful way to clarify that you’re specifically talking about a sequential narrative.


Another option is to use the term “funnie,” which was popularized by the comic strip “Family Circus.” The creator, Bil Keane, wanted to differentiate his work from traditional comics by emphasizing its wholesome humor and family-friendly themes.

He coined the term “funnies” as a way of describing his unique brand of humor, and it quickly became associated with his work in particular. While “funnie” may not be as widely recognized as other terms, it can be a playful way of referring to a humorous comic strip.

Comic Book

While not strictly synonymous with “comic strip,” the term “comic book” is often used interchangeably with it in casual conversation. Comic books are longer-form works that typically feature multiple panels per page, but they still rely on sequential art and text to tell a story. Some comic strips have been adapted into longer-form works or vice versa, blurring the lines between these two categories.

Strip Cartoon

Similar to “cartoon strip,” the term “strip cartoon” emphasizes the visual aspect of the medium while also clarifying that it’s a sequential narrative. This term is more commonly used in the UK and other parts of Europe, where “comic strip” may not be as familiar a term.

Graphic Novel

While not traditionally associated with comic strips, the term “graphic novel” has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way of referring to longer-form comics that tell a complete story. Some graphic novels include collections of previously published comic strips or reworkings of classic newspaper comics. However, this term may not be appropriate for shorter-form works that are typically associated with traditional comic strips.


In conclusion, there are several alternative terms you can use to refer to a comic strip, depending on your context and audience. “Cartoon strip,” “funnie,” “comic book,” “strip cartoon,” and “graphic novel” are all viable options that emphasize different aspects of the medium. Whether you’re a fan or a creator, it’s always good to have an arsenal of words at your disposal to describe this beloved form of storytelling.