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What’s Happened to the Mark Trail Comic Strip?

In recent years, fans of the Mark Trail comic strip have been left wondering what has happened to their beloved series. Mark Trail has been a staple in the world of comics for over 70 years, but it seems that the adventures of the rugged outdoorsman have hit a roadblock.

The History of Mark Trail
Mark Trail was created by Ed Dodd in 1946 and has been syndicated by King Features Syndicate ever since. The series follows the adventures of Mark Trail, a nature-loving journalist who travels across the world to document and protect wildlife. Over the years, the comic strip has tackled issues such as conservation, animal rights, and environmentalism.

The Current State of Mark Trail
In recent years, fans have noticed a significant change in the tone and artwork of the comic strip. In 2014, James Allen took over as writer and artist for Mark Trail after Dodd’s death in 1991. Since then, many fans have criticized Allen’s art style and storytelling.

One major change that Allen made was to switch from traditional hand-drawn art to digital illustrations. While this may seem like a minor change on its own, it had a noticeable impact on the overall look and feel of the comic strip. Fans also argue that Allen’s take on Mark Trail lacks the same level of passion and enthusiasm that Dodd brought to his creation.

Another point of contention among fans is Allen’s portrayal of animals. Many readers feel that his depictions are unrealistic or even inaccurate at times. This is particularly frustrating given that conservation is such an important theme in Mark Trail.

The Future of Mark Trail
Despite these criticisms, there is still hope for Mark Trail’s future. King Features Syndicate recently announced that Jules Rivera will be taking over as writer and artist for the series starting in April 2021. Rivera is known for her work on Love, Joolz, a webcomic that explores themes of mental health and self-discovery.

Fans are excited to see what Rivera will bring to the Mark Trail universe. There is hope that she will return the comic strip to its former glory and bring back the passion and enthusiasm that fans have been missing.

In conclusion, while the current state of Mark Trail may be disappointing for some fans, there is still hope for the future of this beloved series. With Jules Rivera taking over as writer and artist, there is a chance that Mark Trail will once again become a must-read for nature lovers and comic book enthusiasts alike.