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When Did Free Comic Book Day Start?

Have you ever heard of Free Comic Book Day? It’s an annual event that occurs on the first Saturday in May where comic book stores across the globe give away comic books for free!

But when did this tradition begin? Let’s dive into the history of Free Comic Book Day.

Origins of Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day was first celebrated on May 4th, 2002. It was created by Joe Field, a comic book store owner from Concord, California. Field proposed the idea to Diamond Comic Distributors, one of the largest comic book distributors in North America, and they helped make it a reality.

Goals of Free Comic Book Day

The main goal of Free Comic Book Day is to promote and celebrate the comic book industry. The event is designed to bring new readers into local comic book stores and to showcase all the amazing stories that can be found within these pages. Additionally, it provides a way for current fans to connect with one another and share their love for comics.

How Free Comic Book Day Works

On Free Comic Book Day, participating stores offer a selection of comics for free. These comics are specifically created and distributed by publishers for this event. The selection often includes popular characters such as Spider-Man, Batman, or Wonder Woman as well as lesser-known titles that are worth checking out.

Some stores also host events on Free Comic Book Day such as creator signings or cosplay contests. These events help create an exciting atmosphere and encourage fans to come together and celebrate their love for comics.

Impact of Free Comic Book Day

Since its inception in 2002, Free Comic Book Day has become a staple event in the comic book community. It has helped increase foot traffic to local comic book stores and has introduced countless new readers to the world of comics.

In addition to its impact on readership, Free Comic Book Day has also had a positive impact on the industry as a whole. It has provided a way for publishers to showcase their upcoming titles and has helped create buzz around new releases.


In conclusion, Free Comic Book Day began in 2002 as a way to celebrate and promote the comic book industry. It has since become an annual tradition that brings together fans from all walks of life. So mark your calendars for the first Saturday in May and head to your local comic book store to pick up some free comics!