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When Did the Comic Strip Nancy Start?

If you’re a fan of comic strips, then you’ve probably heard of Nancy. This beloved comic strip has been entertaining readers for decades, but have you ever wondered when it first started?

Well, the answer is that Nancy first appeared in newspapers on January 2, 1933. Created by cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller, the strip initially followed the adventures of a young girl named Fritzi Ritz. However, it wasn’t long before Nancy stole the show and became the main character.

The Early Years

In the early years of Nancy, the strip was a typical gag-a-day comic. Each daily installment featured a self-contained story that usually ended with a punchline or humorous twist. The early strips were also notable for their use of bold lines and simple, geometric shapes.

By the mid-1940s, however, Bushmiller began to experiment with longer story arcs and more complex humor. He also introduced new characters like Aunt Fritzi and Sluggo Smith, who would go on to become important fixtures in the strip.

The Rise of Nancy

Despite its humble beginnings as a side feature in the Fritzi Ritz strip, Nancy quickly became a fan favorite. Readers were drawn to her spunky personality and distinctive bob haircut.

As Nancy’s popularity grew, so did her role in the comic strip. By the late 1940s, she had become such a central character that Bushmiller officially changed the name of the strip from Fritzi Ritz to Nancy.

The Legacy of Nancy

Over the years, Nancy has remained one of the most popular and enduring comic strips in history. Its simple yet charming style has won over generations of fans who appreciate its wholesome humor and relatable characters.

Today, even though Ernie Bushmiller passed away in 1982 and other artists have taken over drawing duties for Nancy, the strip continues to be syndicated in newspapers around the world. And with its timeless appeal and universal themes, it’s likely that Nancy will continue to entertain readers for many years to come.


So, when did the comic strip Nancy start? It all began on January 2, 1933, when Ernie Bushmiller first introduced readers to a young girl named Fritzi Ritz.

However, it wasn’t long before Fritzi’s spunky niece Nancy stole the show and became the main character of the strip. Today, Nancy remains one of the most beloved and enduring comic strips in history – a testament to Bushmiller’s timeless humor and storytelling abilities.