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When Did the Sally Forth Comic Strip Start?

Sally Forth is a popular comic strip that has been entertaining readers for decades. Created by Greg Howard and drawn by Craig Macintosh, the comic strip follows the life of Sally Forth, a working mother who balances her career and family life.

But when did this iconic comic strip first make its debut? Let’s take a look.

The Origin of Sally Forth

Sally Forth was first introduced to the world in 1982. The comic strip was created by Greg Howard, a writer who had previously worked on other popular strips such as “The Abominable Charles Christopher” and “Tug & Buster.” Howard teamed up with artist Craig Macintosh to bring Sally Forth to life.

The Early Years

In the early years of Sally Forth, the comic focused primarily on Sally and her family. The strip followed her adventures as a working mother who was trying to balance her career with raising her daughter Hilary and taking care of her husband Ted.

One of the unique things about Sally Forth is that it tackled important social issues in a humorous way. Issues such as women in the workplace, gender roles, and parenting were all addressed through the lens of Sally’s experiences.

Evolution of the Comic Strip

Over time, Sally Forth evolved from a domestic comedy into something more complex. The characters became more nuanced, and their relationships with each other grew more complicated. While still maintaining its humor, the strip also began tackling issues such as aging parents and mental illness.

Throughout its run, Sally Forth has remained relevant by evolving with the times. In recent years, it has addressed issues such as social media addiction and political polarization.


Since its debut in 1982, Sally Forth has remained one of the most beloved comic strips in America. With its relatable characters, humorous storytelling, and willingness to tackle important issues, it has captured the hearts of readers of all ages. And while it may have evolved over time, Sally Forth remains a classic comic strip that is sure to entertain for years to come.