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When Was the First Ghost Rider Comic Book?

The character of Ghost Rider has become an iconic figure in the world of comic books and popular culture. With his flaming skull and supernatural powers, Ghost Rider has captivated readers for decades.

But do you know when the first Ghost Rider comic book was published Let’s dive into the history of this thrilling character.

The Origins

Ghost Rider made his debut in 1972 in Marvel Spotlight #5. Created by writer Gary Friedrich and artist Mike Ploog, this issue introduced readers to Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist who makes a deal with Mephisto, a demonic being, to save his father from cancer.

Fun fact: Before Ghost Rider became Johnny Blaze, there was a Western-themed version of the character named Carter Slade. He appeared in Ghost Rider #1 back in 1967.

The First Solo Series

Due to the character’s popularity, Marvel decided to give Ghost Rider his own solo series. In 1973, Ghost Rider #1 hit the shelves with a fiery cover featuring our skull-faced hero riding his iconic motorcycle.

This first issue launched an ongoing series that lasted for 81 issues until its cancellation in 1983. Throughout its run, Ghost Rider faced off against various supernatural villains and encountered other Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Daredevil.

A New Blaze

In 1990, Marvel introduced a new incarnation of Ghost Rider. This time it was Danny Ketch who became the Spirit of Vengeance. The new series titled “Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch” began with issue #1 and ran for 94 issues until its conclusion in 1998.

Ghost Riders Galore

Over the years, Marvel has introduced various characters who have taken on the mantle of Ghost Rider. These include Alejandra Jones, Robbie Reyes, and most notably, Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher, who became Ghost Rider in a crossover event.

Did you know The first appearance of Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider was in “All-New Ghost Rider #1” published in 2014.

In Conclusion

The first Ghost Rider comic book was published in 1972 in Marvel Spotlight #5. From there, the character went on to have his own successful solo series and has since become a fan favorite. With multiple incarnations and countless adventures, Ghost Rider continues to thrill readers with his fiery presence.

So next time you pick up a Ghost Rider comic book, remember its historical significance and how it all started with that fateful issue of Marvel Spotlight.