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When Was the Garfield Comic Strip Created?

Garfield is one of the most beloved comic strip characters of all time. Created by Jim Davis, this fat orange tabby cat has been entertaining audiences for over four decades.

But when exactly was the Garfield comic strip created? Let’s take a closer look.

Origins of Garfield

Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, was born in Marion, Indiana, in 1945. As a child, he loved to draw and often copied cartoons from his favorite comics. After high school, he attended Ball State University where he studied art and business.

After college, Davis worked as an assistant to Tom Ryan, the creator of the Tumbleweeds comic strip. However, it wasn’t until 1978 that Davis created his own comic strip featuring a lazy and sarcastic cat named Garfield.

The First Garfield Comic Strip

The first Garfield comic strip was published on June 19th, 1978. It featured Garfield and his owner Jon Arbuckle for the very first time.

In this first strip, Jon introduces Garfield to readers by saying “Here’s my new kitten. I call him Garfield.”

Garfield’s Rise to Fame

After a slow start, Garfield quickly became popular with readers around the world. His sarcastic wit and love for lasagna struck a chord with audiences, and he soon appeared in newspapers across America.

In addition to his daily comic strip appearances, Garfield also starred in numerous TV shows and movies over the years. He even has his own merchandise line featuring everything from stuffed animals to coffee mugs.

The Legacy of Garfield

Today, almost 43 years after his creation, Garfield remains one of the most popular comic strip characters in history. His humorous antics have entertained generations of fans young and old.

In fact, Garfield’s popularity has only grown over the years with the rise of social media. Fans can now follow Garfield on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a daily dose of his trademark humor.


So, when was the Garfield comic strip created? The answer is June 19th, 1978.

Since then, this lovable fat cat has become a cultural icon and continues to entertain audiences around the world. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the world of Garfield, there’s no denying that this orange tabby has made an indelible mark on pop culture.