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Where Does Return of the Joker Take Place in Batman Beyond?

Batman Beyond is an animated series that takes place in a futuristic Gotham City. The series is set decades after the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, has retired from crime-fighting.

Instead, a new hero has taken up the mantle of the Bat and that is Terry McGinnis. Terry must navigate his way through a city full of villains and corruption while learning from the former Dark Knight himself.

One of the most iconic moments in Batman Beyond is the movie “Return of the Joker.” This film brings back one of Batman’s most infamous foes, The Joker, who was thought to have been dead for many years. But where does this movie take place in the timeline of Batman Beyond?

The answer to that question is not as straightforward as one might think. “Return of the Joker” takes place both in the past and present day of Gotham City. In flashbacks, we see a younger version of Bruce Wayne and his team of heroes fighting against The Joker and his gang.

These flashbacks are set around ten years before Terry McGinnis becomes Batman. We see Tim Drake (the third Robin) joining forces with Bruce Wayne to fight against The Joker’s latest scheme to take over Gotham City. However, things take a dark turn when The Joker kidnaps Tim Drake and brainwashes him into becoming his own personal sidekick.

Fast forward to present-day Gotham City, where Terry McGinnis has taken on the role of Batman. The Joker reappears in Gotham City after being presumed dead for many years. It’s up to Terry to unravel the mystery behind The Joker’s return and stop him once again.

The film seamlessly blends together these two timelines, creating an engaging story that pays homage to both the original Batman series and its futuristic counterpart.

Overall, “Return of the Joker” takes place both in the past and present-day Gotham City within the timeline of Batman Beyond. With its complex storytelling and iconic characters, it remains a fan-favorite among Batman fans today.