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Where Is Atlantis in the Marvel Universe?

Have you ever wondered where Atlantis, the underwater city ruled by Namor the Sub-Mariner, is located in the Marvel Universe? Let’s dive into the depths of this topic and explore the various sources that provide clues about its location.

Origins of Atlantis

According to Marvel Comics lore, Atlantis was once a continent located in the Atlantic Ocean. It was home to an advanced civilization that thrived for thousands of years until a cataclysmic event caused it to sink beneath the waves. This event is often referred to as “The Great Cataclysm” and is said to have occurred around 18,000 BC.

Theories about Its Location

Over the years, there have been various theories about where Atlantis could be located in the Marvel Universe. Some sources suggest that it might be hidden somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, while others point to areas near South America or Africa.

One popular theory among fans is that Atlantis is located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean near Puerto Rico. This theory is supported by a storyline in “Namor: The First Mutant” where Namor and his allies must protect an underwater energy source called the “Pillar of Power,” which is located near Puerto Rico.

Sub-Mariner’s Connection to Atlantis

Namor, also known as Prince Namor McKenzie, is one of Marvel’s oldest characters and has been associated with Atlantis since his first appearance in 1939. He is often depicted as its ruler or prince and has a strong connection to its people and culture.

In some versions of his origin story, Namor is portrayed as half-Atlantean and half-human. This unique heritage gives him both superhuman strength and aquatic abilities such as swimming at incredible speeds and communicating with marine life.


While there may not be a definitive answer about where Atlantis is located in the Marvel Universe, the various sources and theories provide intriguing possibilities for its whereabouts. Regardless of its location, the city and its ruler Namor continue to be an important part of the Marvel Comics universe and serve as a reminder of the mysteries that still exist beneath the waves.