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Who Are the Characters From the Comic Strip?

Comic strips have been a beloved form of entertainment for decades, with characters that have become household names. From the mischievous Calvin and Hobbes to the classic duo of Garfield and Odie, these characters have captured our hearts and imaginations. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most iconic characters from comic strips and their unique personalities.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin is a six-year-old boy who has an overactive imagination. He is intelligent but lacks motivation when it comes to schoolwork.

Calvin often gets into trouble due to his wild imagination and lack of boundaries. He has a stuffed tiger named Hobbes, who he believes is alive and accompanies him on his adventures.

Hobbes, on the other hand, is more level-headed than Calvin. He often plays the role of a wise mentor who offers sage advice to Calvin when needed. Hobbes is also fiercely loyal to Calvin and will defend him against anyone who threatens him.


Garfield is a fat, lazy cat who loves lasagna and hates Mondays. He spends most of his time sleeping or eating, much to the chagrin of his owner Jon Arbuckle. Garfield has a sarcastic sense of humor and loves to make fun of Jon whenever he can.


The Peanuts gang consists of several iconic characters:

Charlie Brown is a lovable loser who always seems to be down on his luck. He has a crush on the Little Red-Haired Girl but is too shy to talk to her.

Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle who spends most of his time daydreaming about being a World War I flying ace or chasing after the Red Baron.

Lucy is Charlie Brown’s bossy and opinionated friend who is known for her “psychiatric help” stand where she gives advice for a nickel.

Garfield and Odie

In addition to Garfield, the strip also features his sidekick Odie, a lovable but dim-witted dog who is always eager to please Garfield. Despite his lack of intelligence, Odie is incredibly loyal to Garfield and will do anything he can to make him happy.

The Far Side

The Far Side is a comic strip known for its absurd humor and bizarre characters. Some of the most memorable characters include:

Gary Larson – The creator of The Far Side, often makes an appearance in his comics as a character.

Cows – One of the recurring themes in The Far Side are cows that have human-like personalities. They are often depicted doing things like playing poker or having conversations with other cows.

Aliens – Another recurring theme in The Far Side are aliens with exaggerated features like large heads or multiple eyes. They often interact with humans in strange and funny ways.

In conclusion, comic strips have given us some of the most iconic characters in pop culture. From Calvin and Hobbes to Garfield and Odie, these characters have captured our hearts with their unique personalities and humorous antics. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering these characters for the first time, there’s no denying their lasting appeal.