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Who Are the Characters in Pickles Comic Strip?

Pickles is a popular comic strip that has been entertaining readers for over 20 years. Created by Brian Crane, this comic strip revolves around the lives of Earl and Opal Pickles, an elderly couple who are still very much in love despite their age. In addition to Earl and Opal, there are other characters in the strip that add to its humor and charm.

Earl Pickles

Earl Pickles is the main character in the comic strip. He is a retired forklift operator who enjoys spending time with his wife, Opal, and their dog, Roscoe. Earl is known for his dry sense of humor and his ability to see the humor in everyday situations.

Opal Pickles

Opal Pickles is Earl’s loving wife. She is a retired nurse who enjoys baking and spending time with her family. Opal is known for her kind heart and her ability to keep Earl in line.


Roscoe is the Pickles’ lovable dog. He is a mixed breed who loves nothing more than playing fetch with his owners. Roscoe often finds himself caught up in Earl’s schemes but always manages to come out unscathed.


Nelson is the Pickles’ grandson. He often visits his grandparents and provides them with technological assistance (much to Earl’s dismay). Nelson is also known for his love of video games and comics.


Arlo is Nelson’s best friend and often accompanies him on visits to the Pickles’ home. Arlo has a wild imagination and often comes up with elaborate stories that he shares with Nelson and the rest of the family.

  • Sylvia: Sylvia is Opal’s sister who lives nearby.
  • Dan: Dan is Earl’s best friend who often joins him on his daily walks.
  • Frank: Frank is Opal’s ex-boyfriend who occasionally shows up to stir up trouble.


Pickles is a comic strip that has captured the hearts of readers with its relatable characters and witty humor. From Earl and Opal’s enduring love to Roscoe’s antics, each character adds their own unique flavor to the strip. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the world of Pickles, there’s something for everyone in this charming comic strip.