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Who Are the Characters in the Blondie Comic Strip?

Blondie is a comic strip that has been entertaining readers for over 90 years now. Created by Chic Young in 1930, the comic strip has evolved over the years, but the central characters have remained the same. Let us take a closer look at who these characters are:

Dagwood Bumstead

Dagwood Bumstead is the main character of the Blondie comic strip. He is married to Blondie and together they have two children – Alexander (also known as “Baby Dumpling” in the earlier strips) and Cookie. Dagwood is known for his love of sandwiches, which often get him into trouble with his boss Mr. Dithers at work.

Blondie Bumstead

Blondie Bumstead is Dagwood’s wife and the mother of their two children. She is known for her beauty and her ability to keep her family together despite Dagwood’s many mishaps. Blondie works as a homemaker, but she also helps out at Dagwood’s workplace from time to time.

Alexander Bumstead

Alexander Bumstead (also known as “Baby Dumpling” in the earlier strips) is Dagwood and Blondie’s first child. He was born in 1934 and has grown up over the years to become a teenager with an interest in music.

Cookie Bumstead

Cookie Bumstead is Dagwood and Blondie’s second child. She was born in 1941 and is portrayed as being more mischievous than her older brother Alexander.

Mr. Julius Caesar Dithers

Mr. Dithers is Dagwood’s boss at work and owner of J.C. Dithers & Company where Dagwood works as a low-level office worker. Mr. Dithers is known for his short temper and his tendency to yell at Dagwood.

Elmo Tuttle

Elmo Tuttle is Dagwood’s best friend. He is a plumber by trade and often helps Dagwood out when he gets into trouble.

Tootsie Woodley

Tootsie Woodley is Blondie’s best friend. She is known for her love of gossip and her tendency to meddle in other people’s business.

  • In conclusion, the Blondie comic strip features a cast of characters that have entertained readers for over 90 years. From the lovable Dagwood and Blondie to their mischievous children Alexander and Cookie, each character brings something unique to the strip. Even the supporting characters like Mr. Dithers, Elmo Tuttle, and Tootsie Woodley add to the humor and charm of the strip.

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