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Who Are the Characters in the Comic Strip Dilbert?

If you are a fan of comics, then you must have heard about Dilbert, the popular comic strip created by Scott Adams. The comic strip features a group of characters that revolve around the central character Dilbert. Let’s take a look at who these characters are:


Dilbert is the main character of the comic strip, and he is an engineer who works in a cubicle at a fictional company called Path-E-Tech Management. He is portrayed as an average guy who is frustrated with his job and his boss.


Dogbert is Dilbert’s pet dog, but he is not your typical pet. He is intelligent and often manipulates people for his own gain.

He also works as a consultant and has even run for president in the comic strip.


Wally is Dilbert’s colleague and friend at Path-E-Tech Management. He is known for being lazy and always finding ways to avoid work.

However, he has a talent for finding shortcuts that save time and money.


Alice is another one of Dilbert’s colleagues, and she is known for being tough and no-nonsense. She often clashes with her co-workers but gets the job done efficiently.

The Boss

The Boss, whose name is never revealed in the comic strip, is Dilbert’s superior at Path-E-Tech Management. He is clueless about technology but tries to pretend that he knows what he’s doing.

He also has a habit of making ridiculous decisions that make no sense.


Catbert is the evil Human Resources director at Path-E-Tech Management. He enjoys making people miserable and is known for his sadistic sense of humor.


Tina is Dilbert’s love interest in the comic strip. She is a scientist who works at a rival company, and her relationship with Dilbert is often complicated by their professional rivalry.


These are just a few of the characters that appear in the comic strip Dilbert. Each character brings their own unique personality to the mix, making for an entertaining read every time.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Dilbert and see what all the fuss is about!