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Who Are the Characters in the Comic Strip Luann?

If you’re a fan of comic strips, then you’ve probably come across the popular Luann comic strip. This strip was created by Greg Evans and has been in production since 1985.

It’s a story about a teenage girl named Luann DeGroot and her journey through high school, relationships, and growing up. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the main characters in this beloved comic strip.

Luann DeGroot

Luann is the protagonist of the comic strip and is portrayed as a typical teenage girl dealing with all the ups and downs that come with adolescence. She’s passionate about music and has dreams of becoming famous one day. Luann is also very creative and enjoys writing poetry and stories.

Tiffany Farrell

Tiffany is Luann’s nemesis in the comic strip. She’s popular, pretty, and always gets what she wants. Tiffany often makes fun of Luann for her lack of popularity and tries to undermine her self-esteem whenever possible.

Gunner Gregson

Gunner is one of Luann’s love interests in the comic strip. He’s a football player who is also musically inclined like Luann. Gunner is kind-hearted but can be clueless at times when it comes to matters of the heart.

Aaron Hill

Aaron is another one of Luann’s love interests in the comic strip. He’s an artistic type who enjoys drawing comics, just like his creator Greg Evans. Aaron is shy but also very sweet, making him a favorite among fans of the series.

Brad DeGroot

Brad is Luann’s older brother who often serves as a voice of reason for her throughout the series. He’s protective of his little sister but also enjoys teasing her from time to time.

Nancy DeGroot

Nancy is Luann’s mother who works as a nurse. She’s supportive of her daughter’s dreams and encourages her to pursue them. Nancy is also very protective of Luann and wants the best for her.

Frank DeGroot

Frank is Luann’s father who works as a firefighter. He’s a bit more laid-back than his wife but still cares deeply for his family. Frank often serves as a sounding board for his daughter when she needs advice.


Luann is a beloved comic strip that has been entertaining readers for over three decades. The characters in this series are relatable and endearing, making it easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with them over the years. Whether you’re a fan of Luann or just discovering the series, these characters are sure to capture your heart.