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Who Created the Comic Strip Dilbert?

If you’ve ever read the comic strip Dilbert, you know it’s a hilarious take on office culture and the daily struggles of working in a cubicle. The strip has been around for over 30 years and has a massive following, but have you ever wondered who created it? In this article, we’ll dive into the history of Dilbert and explore the genius behind its creation.

The Creator of Dilbert

Dilbert was created by Scott Adams, an American cartoonist born in 1957. Adams grew up in New York and received his Bachelor’s degree in economics from Hartwick College. After graduating, he worked various jobs as a bank teller, computer programmer, and even at Crocker National Bank.

The Inspiration Behind Dilbert

Adams’ inspiration for Dilbert came from his own experiences working in the corporate world. He worked at Pacific Bell for several years as a mid-level manager before quitting to pursue cartooning full-time.

Adams’ first comic strip was called “Dilbert’s World” and was published in newspapers in 1989. The strip featured Dilbert as an engineer working in a high-tech company. The strip quickly gained popularity and was eventually renamed simply “Dilbert.”

The Success of Dilbert

Since its creation, Dilbert has become one of the most popular comic strips in the world. It is syndicated to over 2000 newspapers worldwide and has been translated into dozens of languages.

The success of Dilbert can be attributed to its relatable characters and satirical take on office life. The characters are based on real-life people Adams encountered during his time working in corporate America.

Other Works by Scott Adams

In addition to creating Dilbert, Adams has written several books on business management and humor. He is also an accomplished public speaker, having given talks on topics such as goal-setting, success, and persuasion.


In conclusion, Scott Adams is the brilliant mind behind the comic strip Dilbert. His experiences working in the corporate world inspired him to create a satirical take on office life that has become a cultural phenomenon. Dilbert continues to be enjoyed by readers around the world and has cemented Adams’ place in the world of cartooning and humor.