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Who Does Pickles Comic Strip?

If you’re a fan of comic strips, chances are you’ve come across the beloved character Pickles. Pickles is a comic strip that has been around since 1990 and has gained quite the following over the years.

But have you ever wondered who is behind this delightful creation? In this article, we’ll delve into the history of the Pickles comic strip and the talented individual responsible for bringing it to life.

The History of Pickles

Pickles was first introduced to the world on November 26, 1990, by its creator, Brian Crane. The comic strip follows the daily lives of an elderly couple named Earl and Opal Pickles, along with their dog, Roscoe. The strip is known for its relatable humor and heartwarming moments that touch on themes such as family, aging, and relationships.

Since its inception, Pickles has gained a loyal following worldwide and has been syndicated in over 800 newspapers. The popularity of the comic strip has also led to several book collections being published.

The Creator of Pickles

Brian Crane is the mastermind behind the world of Pickles. Born in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1949, Crane initially pursued a career in advertising before transitioning to cartooning. He began his career in cartooning in 1978 when he created his first comic strip called “Out of Bounds.”

After “Out of Bounds,” Crane went on to create several other successful comic strips such as “Broom-Hilda” and “Pickle’s Progress.” However, it wasn’t until he created “Pickles” that he gained widespread recognition.

Crane’s ability to capture everyday moments and turn them into relatable content is what makes him such a talented cartoonist. His style is simple yet effective in conveying emotion and humor.

The Legacy of Pickles

Over three decades after its creation, Pickles continues to captivate readers with its charming characters and engaging storylines. The comic strip has won several awards, including the National Cartoonists Society’s Best Syndicated Comic Strip award in 2001 and 2013.

Crane’s legacy as a cartoonist is cemented in the success of Pickles. His ability to create characters that feel like they’re part of our own families is a testament to his talent. The comic strip also serves as a reminder that humor and heart can go hand in hand.


In conclusion, Brian Crane is the creative genius behind the beloved comic strip Pickles. His ability to capture relatable moments and turn them into heartwarming content has earned him a place in the hearts of readers worldwide. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend giving Pickles a read – you won’t be disappointed!