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Who Does the Comic Strip Pickles?

If you’re a fan of comic strips, you’ve likely come across the humorous and heartwarming strip “Pickles.” Created by Brian Crane, “Pickles” follows the daily lives of an elderly couple, Earl and Opal Pickles. But who is the mastermind behind this beloved comic strip?

The Creator:

Brian Crane is the talented artist and writer behind “Pickles.” Born in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1949, Crane’s passion for drawing began at a young age.

He attended college at Brigham Young University where he studied art. After graduation, he worked as a graphic designer before landing his first job as a cartoonist for the daily newspaper The Eugene Register-Guard.

Crane’s career as a cartoonist really took off when he created “Pickles” in 1990. The strip quickly gained popularity due to its relatable characters and witty humor. Today, “Pickles” is syndicated in over 800 newspapers worldwide.

The Characters:

The main characters of “Pickles,” Earl and Opal Pickles, are based on Crane’s own grandparents. Earl is depicted as a retired forklift driver who enjoys napping and tinkering with gadgets. Opal, on the other hand, is an energetic grandmother who loves cooking and spending time with her family.

Other notable characters include their son Nelson and his wife Janet, who often provide comic relief with their parenting struggles. There’s also Roscoe, the family dog who has become a fan favorite due to his hilarious expressions and mischievous behavior.

The Themes:

One of the reasons why “Pickles” has resonated with so many readers is due to its relatable themes. The strip often touches on topics such as aging, family dynamics, and relationships. Through his characters’ experiences, Crane offers insightful commentary on these universal themes while still maintaining a lighthearted tone.

The Legacy:

Over the years, “Pickles” has become a beloved comic strip that has touched the hearts of many. In addition to its daily newspaper run, the strip has also been compiled into several books and even a calendar. Crane’s unique style and relatable characters have made “Pickles” a staple in the world of comics.

In conclusion, Brian Crane is the mastermind behind the hilarious and heartwarming comic strip “Pickles.” Through his relatable characters and witty humor, Crane has created a legacy that will continue to entertain readers for years to come.