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Who Draws the Blondie Comic Strip?

If you’re a fan of the Blondie comic strip, you may have wondered who is behind the creation of this beloved series. The answer is simple: the Blondie comic strip is drawn by Dean Young and John Marshall.

Dean Young – The Writer

Dean Young is the current writer of Blondie. He took over from his father, Chic Young, who created the comic strip in 1930.

Dean has been writing Blondie since 1997 when his father passed away. Before taking over as the writer for Blondie, Dean was a writer for television shows such as “The Flintstones” and “The Jetsons”.

John Marshall – The Artist

John Marshall is the artist for Blondie. He started working on the comic strip in 2005 when he took over from Denis Lebrun.

John has been drawing comics since he was a child and has been a professional artist for over 30 years. Before joining Blondie, John worked on other comic strips such as “Beetle Bailey” and “Dennis the Menace”.

Collaboration between Dean Young and John Marshall

The collaboration between Dean Young and John Marshall has been successful in keeping Blondie fresh and relevant to new audiences while still retaining its classic charm. The duo works together to come up with new storylines that reflect modern-day issues while also staying true to the original characters.

  • Dean writes the script for each daily strip, including dialogue and action.
  • John then takes Dean’s script and creates rough sketches of how he envisions each panel.
  • Once they agree on the rough sketches, John draws each panel in more detail.
  • Finally, John adds color to each panel using digital software before it’s sent off to be published.


In conclusion, Dean Young and John Marshall are the dynamic duo behind the Blondie comic strip. Their collaboration has kept the series fresh and relevant for over two decades. With Dean’s writing skills and John’s artistic talent, Blondie continues to entertain readers with its witty humor and lovable characters.