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Who Is Playing Joker at End of the Batman?

The character of Joker is one of the most iconic and complex villains in the history of comic books and movies. The upcoming Batman movie has generated a lot of buzz among fans, especially about who will be playing the Joker at the end of the movie. In this article, we will explore the various rumours and speculations surrounding this much-talked-about character.

Who was the previous Joker?

Before we delve into who might be playing the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie, let’s take a quick look at who played this character in previous movies.

The late Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” is considered one of the greatest performances in cinematic history. His dark, psychotic and unpredictable portrayal of the character won him numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Who could be playing Joker in the new Batman movie?

  • Joaquin Phoenix: One name that has been doing rounds since last year is Joaquin Phoenix. He has already portrayed a disturbed character in “Joker,” which was released in 2019.

    His performance as Arthur Fleck/Joker was critically acclaimed and won him an Academy Award for Best Actor.

  • Johnny Depp: Another name that has been linked to playing Joker is Johnny Depp. Known for his eccentric roles, Depp could bring his unique flavour to this iconic villain.
  • Willem Dafoe: Willem Dafoe has played some memorable villainous roles throughout his career, and fans believe he could do justice to Joker’s complex personality.
  • Crispin Glover: Crispin Glover is another actor who has been mentioned as a possible candidate to play Joker. Known for his unique style and off-beat characters, Glover could bring a fresh take on this iconic character.

What could we expect from the next Joker?

Whoever ends up playing the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie, there are some things we can expect from this iconic villain. The Joker is known for his unpredictability, chaos and his twisted sense of humour. He is a master manipulator who thrives on creating chaos and causing mayhem.


In conclusion, the identity of the next Joker in the upcoming Batman movie remains a mystery. While many names have been thrown around as possible candidates to play this iconic villain, it’s ultimately up to the filmmakers to make their final decision. However, one thing is for sure – whoever ends up playing Joker will have some big shoes to fill after Heath Ledger’s unforgettable portrayal in “The Dark Knight.”