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Who Is the Creator of Comic Strip Animal Crackers?

Animal Crackers is a comic strip that has been entertaining readers since its inception in 1968. The comic strip features the lives of animals who reside in the Animal Town Zoo. The characters are all anthropomorphic animals who have human-like personalities and characteristics.

The creator of Animal Crackers was Roger Bollen. Born in Los Angeles, California, Bollen was a cartoonist and Illustrator who had a passion for creating comics from an early age. He attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he honed his skills as an artist.

Bollen started his career as a freelance Illustrator and worked on various projects, including creating illustrations for children’s books. He later became a staff artist for the Los Angeles Times, where he worked for over 10 years before leaving to focus on his own projects.

In 1968, Bollen created Animal Crackers, which was first published in newspapers across the United States. The comic strip quickly gained popularity due to its unique storyline and lovable characters.

The main character of Animal Crackers is a lion named Snoots. He is known for being lazy and always looking for ways to avoid work. His best friend is a monkey named Bingo who is always full of energy and up for any adventure.

Other notable characters include Wally Wolf, a wolf who fancies himself as a ladies’ man but often ends up getting himself into trouble, and Gnu Gnats, a gnat who enjoys annoying the other animals.

Animal Crackers has been syndicated to newspapers around the world and has been translated into several languages. The comic strip has also been adapted into various forms of media, including an animated TV series and merchandise such as t-shirts and toys.

In conclusion, Roger Bollen was the creative mind behind the beloved comic strip Animal Crackers. His unique storytelling abilities and artistic skills brought to life an unforgettable world filled with lovable animal characters that have entertained readers for over 50 years.