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Who Is the Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight?

The Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight is a popular action-adventure video game that was released in 2015. The game features various villains from the Batman universe, but one character that stands out is the Joker. The Joker has been a staple in the Batman franchise for decades, and his appearance in Arkham Knight was highly anticipated by fans of the series.

Who is the Joker?

The Joker is a fictional character and supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. He is one of Batman’s most notorious enemies and has been featured in various adaptations, including movies, television shows, and video games. The character was created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson and first appeared in Batman #1 (April 25, 1940).

The Joker’s Appearance in Arkham Knight

In Batman: Arkham Knight, the Joker plays a major role despite being dead at the beginning of the game. The game takes place nine months after the events of Arkham City, where the Joker died after injecting himself with an antidote that cured him of a fatal disease but turned him into a monster.

However, even though he is dead, his presence is felt throughout the game. The plot revolves around Scarecrow’s plan to release fear toxin across Gotham City, but it is revealed that he has been working with someone else – none other than the Joker himself.

Throughout the game, players encounter hallucinations of the Joker that taunt them with his signature dark humor and chaotic behavior. These hallucinations are triggered by exposure to Scarecrow’s fear gas or by visiting places where significant events happened during previous games.

The Significance of the Joker’s Role

The inclusion of the Joker in Arkham Knight serves as a fitting conclusion to Rocksteady Studios’ trilogy of Batman games. The character has been a constant presence throughout the series, and his death in Arkham City was a pivotal moment that left a lasting impact on both the story and the players.

By bringing him back in Arkham Knight, Rocksteady was able to explore the Joker’s legacy and impact on Batman’s world. The game’s themes of fear, death, and legacy are all tied to the Joker in some way, making him an integral part of the story.


Overall, the Joker’s appearance in Batman: Arkham Knight adds another layer of complexity to an already rich and engaging story. His presence as a hallucination serves as a reminder of his impact on Batman’s world and his legacy as one of the greatest villains in comic book history. For fans of the series, it is a fitting conclusion to Rocksteady Studios’ trilogy of Batman games.