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Who Is the Mouse in the Krazy Kat Comic Strip?

Krazy Kat is one of the most beloved comic strips in history. Created by George Herriman, this classic strip ran for over 30 years and has been cited as a major influence by artists ranging from Charles M. Schulz to William S. Burroughs. But one question that has long puzzled readers is: Who is the mouse in the Krazy Kat comic strip?

The answer, quite simply, is Ignatz Mouse.

Ignatz Mouse is a recurring character in Krazy Kat who is best known for his habit of throwing bricks at the titular feline. He is often seen conspiring with Officer Pupp, who tries to stop him from throwing bricks but always seems to be one step behind.

But who is Ignatz Mouse? Is he just a simple troublemaker, or does he have deeper motivations? Some readers have speculated that Ignatz represents Herriman himself, while others see him as a symbol of rebellion against authority.

Regardless of his deeper meaning, Ignatz remains one of the most iconic characters in comic strip history. His simple design – a round head with two big ears – belies his complex personality and motivations.

So why does Ignatz throw bricks at Krazy Kat? The answer to that question is also complicated.

Some readers see it as a manifestation of Ignatz’s love for Krazy – a twisted way of showing affection. Others see it as an attempt to assert his dominance over Krazy and Officer Pupp.

Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that Ignatz Mouse adds an element of danger and excitement to every Krazy Kat comic strip. His constant scheming and plotting keep readers on their toes, wondering what he’ll do next.

In conclusion, while Krazy Kat may be the star of her own comic strip, it’s clear that Ignatz Mouse plays an equally important role. His mischievous antics and complex motivations make him one of the most fascinating characters in comic strip history.