Batman / Batman Joker

Who Won the Joker or Batman?

The Joker and Batman have been arch-nemeses for decades and their rivalry is one of the most iconic in comic book history. Their battles have been portrayed in various movies, TV shows, and comics, leaving fans to wonder who has truly emerged victorious in this epic clash.

The Joker
The Joker is known for his unpredictability, maniacal laughter, and twisted sense of humor. He is a master manipulator and his schemes are often elaborate and deadly.

The Joker’s ultimate goal is chaos, and he will go to any lengths to achieve it. He has caused immense pain to Batman and his allies over the years.

Batman, on the other hand, is a skilled martial artist with advanced technology at his disposal. He is a symbol of justice in Gotham City and has dedicated his life to protecting its citizens from harm. Batman’s unwavering determination and intelligence have allowed him to outsmart the Joker on numerous occasions.

Who Won?

The answer to this question is not so simple. Both characters have had their moments of triumph over each other throughout their long-standing feud.

In terms of physical battles, Batman has come out on top more often than not. He has defeated the Joker in hand-to-hand combat many times and has even saved him from certain death on occasion.

However, when it comes to psychological warfare, the Joker has proven himself to be a formidable opponent. He has pushed Batman to his limits by Targeting his weaknesses and forcing him to make difficult decisions.


In conclusion, neither the Joker nor Batman can be declared as an outright winner in their ongoing battle. They are two sides of the same coin – one representing chaos while the other stands for order. Their rivalry will continue as long as they both exist in Gotham City.

It’s this eternal struggle that makes their dynamic so intriguing for fans. The Joker and Batman will always be intertwined, and the debate over who emerged victorious will never be settled definitively.