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Who Writes Dilbert the Comic Strip?

Dilbert is a popular comic strip that has been entertaining people for decades. It is a satirical look at office life and the struggles of working in a corporate environment.

The creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams, has become a household name and his characters have become iconic. But who is the man behind Dilbert?

Scott Adams – The Creator of Dilbert

Scott Adams was born on June 8, 1957, in Windham, New York. He attended Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. After graduation, he worked at Crocker National Bank in San Francisco as a teller and later as a computer programmer.

The Birth of Dilbert

Adams started drawing cartoons while working at the bank and submitted them to various publications. He received many rejections before finally getting his big break when United Media syndicated his comic strip “Dilbert” in 1989.

The character of Dilbert was inspired by Adams’ own experiences working in the corporate world. He created the character as a representation of the average office worker who deals with frustrating situations like pointless meetings and unreasonable bosses.

The Success of Dilbert

Dilbert became an instant success and quickly gained a large following. The comic strip was published in over 2,000 newspapers worldwide and translated into 65 languages. It has also been adapted into an animated television series and several books.

Adams’ success with Dilbert allowed him to pursue other ventures such as writing books on business strategy and public speaking engagements.

The Future of Dilbert

Although Adams has retired from drawing new strips for Dilbert, the comic continues to be published daily with reruns being featured on its website. The legacy of this iconic comic strip lives on with its timeless humor that continues to resonate with office workers across the globe.

  • In conclusion, Scott Adams is the man behind one of the most successful comic strips in history. His creation of Dilbert has touched the hearts of millions of people and has become a staple in the world of office humor.
  • The success of Dilbert is a testament to Adams’ ability to capture the frustrations and struggles that come with working in an office environment.
  • Although Adams has retired from drawing new strips, Dilbert remains a beloved comic strip that continues to make people laugh every day.

So the next time you read Dilbert, remember that it was created by a man who understands your pain.