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Who Writes Judge Parker Comic Strip?

Have you ever wondered who creates the popular Judge Parker comic strip? The answer may surprise you!

Francesco Marciuliano is the current writer of Judge Parker, having taken over in 2016. Marciuliano is a well-known comic strip writer, having previously worked on Sally Forth and Medium Large. He has also written for television shows such as The Onion News Network and provided voices for various video games.

Marciuliano’s writing style is known for its humor and heart. He has injected a fresh energy into the long-running Judge Parker strip, keeping it relevant and engaging for modern readers while still respecting its history.

But Marciuliano isn’t the only one responsible for bringing Judge Parker to life. The strip’s art is handled by Mike Manley, who has been working on the comic since 2010. Manley is an accomplished comic book artist, having worked on titles such as Batman, Spider-Man, and The Avengers.

Manley’s art style perfectly complements Marciuliano’s writing, creating a cohesive and visually appealing package. His attention to detail brings the characters to life in a way that draws readers into their world.

Together, Marciuliano and Manley have continued to evolve the world of Judge Parker while also staying true to its roots. They have tackled issues such as addiction, family dynamics, and even political corruption in recent storylines.

If you’re not already reading Judge Parker, now is the perfect time to start! With Marciuliano’s witty writing and Manley’s stunning art, it’s no wonder this classic comic strip has remained popular for so many years.


Judge Parker may have been around for decades, but thanks to Francesco Marciuliano and Mike Manley’s talents, it remains just as engaging as ever. Their unique blend of humor and heart has breathed new life into the strip, making it a must-read for comic strip fans everywhere.