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Who Writes the Comic Strip Between Friends?

If you’re a fan of comic strips, you’ve probably come across the popular series ‘Between Friends’. This heartwarming and relatable comic strip has been entertaining readers for over two decades. But have you ever wondered who writes and illustrates this beloved series?

The Creator of Between Friends:

‘Between Friends’ was created by Canadian cartoonist Sandra Bell-Lundy. She was born in 1955 in Toronto and grew up in the city’s east end.

Bell-Lundy received her formal education at the Ontario College of Art, where she studied graphic design and illustration. After graduation, she worked as a graphic designer before pursuing her passion for cartooning.

Bell-Lundy’s first attempt at creating a comic strip was ‘Murray the Mole’, which ran in 1984 but didn’t gain much traction. However, she didn’t give up on her dream and continued to develop her skills until she created ‘Between Friends’ in 1994.

The Inspiration for Between Friends:

The inspiration for ‘Between Friends’ came from Bell-Lundy’s life experiences and observations of those around her. The series follows three best friends – Maeve, Susan, and Kimberly – as they navigate their personal and professional lives in their forties.

Bell-Lundy wanted to create a comic strip that represented the experiences of women who were often overlooked in mainstream media. She felt that there weren’t enough stories that depicted middle-aged women with real-life struggles such as balancing work and family life or dealing with aging parents.

The Success of Between Friends:

Since its debut, ‘Between Friends’ has become a hit with readers around the world. The comic strip is syndicated in over 175 newspapers worldwide and has been translated into multiple languages.

One of the reasons for its success is its relatable characters and storylines. The characters are not perfect; they make mistakes, experience heartbreaks, and struggle with insecurities – just like real people. The series deals with a wide range of topics such as career changes, health issues, and relationship troubles.

The Future of Between Friends:

Bell-Lundy continues to write and illustrate ‘Between Friends’, which has now been running for over 25 years. She is committed to telling stories that resonate with women of all ages and backgrounds.

In recent years, Bell-Lundy has also started incorporating digital technology into her work. She now creates her comic strips digitally using a tablet and stylus, which has allowed her to streamline her process and experiment with new techniques.

In conclusion, Sandra Bell-Lundy is the creative force behind the popular comic strip ‘Between Friends’. Her relatable characters and storylines have captured the hearts of readers around the world for over two decades. As she continues to evolve her craft, we can look forward to many more years of heartwarming storytelling from this talented creator.