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Who Writes the Comic Strip Dustin?

Have you ever wondered who writes the hilarious comic strip Dustin? This popular daily strip follows the misadventures of a slacker millennial named Dustin, his family, and his coworkers. The strip is known for its sharp wit, relatable characters, and clever observations about modern life.

The Creator of Dustin
Dustin was created by Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker in 2010. Kelley is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist who worked for many years at The San Diego Union-Tribune. Parker is a writer and Illustrator who has worked on numerous comic strips and animated shows.

The Writing Process
Kelley and Parker work closely together to develop each day’s comic strip. They begin by brainstorming ideas for storylines and jokes, often drawing from their own experiences as fathers, husbands, and office workers. Once they have settled on an idea, they work together to write the dialogue and create the artwork.

The Characters
The cast of characters in Dustin includes not only Dustin himself but also his parents, his sister Megan, his girlfriend Simone, and various coworkers at the office where he works. Each character has their own distinct personality quirks that make them both relatable and funny.

  • Dustin – A 23-year-old slacker who can’t seem to keep a job or stay out of trouble.
  • Helen – Dustin’s overbearing mother who always seems to be meddling in his life.
  • Ed – Dustin’s father who is retired but still finds ways to get into mischief.
  • Megan – Dustin’s sister who is a successful attorney but can’t seem to find love.
  • Simone – Dustin’s girlfriend who is ambitious and driven but often frustrated by his lack of motivation.

The Humor
The humor in Dustin is often derived from the clash between different generations and lifestyles. Dustin’s parents are Baby Boomers who don’t understand his Millennial ways, while his coworkers are a mix of ages and personalities that create plenty of fodder for jokes. The strip also touches on current events and pop culture, making it both timely and timeless.


Now that you know more about the creators and characters behind Dustin, you can appreciate the strip even more. With its clever writing, relatable characters, and sharp humor, it’s no wonder that Dustin has become such a beloved comic strip in newspapers across the country.